There is a number of Polish research institutions contracted by the European Commission as Marie Curie Training Sites. The scheme supports short stays (3 months up to 1 academic year) by young researchers pursuing doctoral studies. Fellows are paid a subsistance allowance of 1200 euro/month and a refund for the return travel costs (between the fellow's last country of activity and that of the training site). These payments are effected by the host institution which receives an adequate Community contribution supporting the project.
   The following list provides contact information concerning particular training sites.

Polish Marie Curie Training Sites

ACRONYM Institution

(tel. - direction PL +48...)

Address Webpage
REZ-WELD Centre for Welding Technology, GLIWICE
Dr Adam Pietras

tel. 48/32/231-00-11 ext. 238

Bl. Czeslawa 16/18

44-100 Gliwice
Chair of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers

Cracow Univeristy of Technology, KRAKOW

Prof. Jan Pielichowski


fax: 48/12/628-20-38

Warszawska 24, 

31-155 KRAKOW

Photovoltaics Foundation for the Development of Material Sciences, KRAKOW
Prof. Ryszard Ciach

Warszawska 24, 

31-155 KRAKOW (under construction)
POLYMERIC BIOMATERIALS Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry, Technical University of LODZ
Prof. Janusz M. Rosiak

tel. 48/42/ 631-31-96,

fax 48/42/ 636-02-46

Wroblewskiego 15, 

93-590 Lodz
asbestos Department of Environmental Epidemiology, Institute of Occupational Medicine, LODZ
Prof. Neonila Szeszenia-D±browska

tel. 48/42/631-45-61,

fax 48/ 42/ 631-45-62

¦w. Teresy 8

90-950 LODZ

BANACH Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, WARSZAWA
Ms. Elzbieta Wegrzynek

fax: 48/22/629-39-97

Sniadeckich 8, 

00-950 Warszawa
Faculty of Physics

Warsaw University, WARSZAWA

Dr Dariusz Wasik

tel. 48/22/553-21-51

Hoża 69, PL-00-681 Warsaw 
IBBMCS Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, WARSZAWA
Prof. Andrzej Rabczenko

Agata Stasiak M.Sc.

tel. 22/823-71-89

Pawińskiego 5a

02-106 Warszawa

(under construction) 
CHEMWROC Faculty of Chemistry, WROCLAW University 
Anna M. Trzeciak

tel. 48/71/375-72-55

F. Joliot-Curie 14

50-383 Wroclaw,

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