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Come to Poland - Homeland of Marie Curie!

A number of research institutions in Poland offers very good conditions for high-level scientific work. Many are interested in hosting researchers from abroad. Marie Curie Training Sites look for PhD students from the EU countries and are ready to host them until 2004 or 2005. Partner institutions participating in Research Training Networks offer vacancies for doctoral students and young holders of PhD diploma.

Here you can find the list of

Moreover, there are many institutions and research groups ready to host fellows under the 6th Framework Programme, as from 2003. All of them have been registered in the catalogue. There is a leading group among them: those which have been awarded grants and label of Centres of Excellence.

The detailed information about Polish Centres of Excellence is accessible below:

If you are interested in more information about science in Poland, you can find it here.

Legal framework

Fellowships awarded under the frame of the 5th Framework Programme are in Poland exempted from taxation. The same will apply for the 6FP fellowships.

Work permission is not required for 5FP fellows.

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