1. Background and objectives

The State Committee for Scientific Research organises the conference "Inauguration of the 6th Framework Programme" of the European Union. The Conference will take place on 25-26 of November 2002 in Warsaw.

The President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Aleksander Kwasniewski, has granted his Honorary Patronage to this event. The opening welcome will be delivered by the Polish Minister of Science, Mr Michal Kleiber and the EU Commissioner for Research, Mr Philippe Busquin. The senior ministry officials from Poland, other Central and Eastern European countries and Member States are also expected to take part.

The Warsaw Conference is addressed to researchers, scientists and business representatives from the Associated States and other Central and Eastern European countries interested in participation in the FP6.

The Conference aims at promoting the 6th Framework Programme in the region, by encouraging the widespread scientific and business entities to uptake this European activity. The event will provide information on the idea, budget, rules of participation, the structure of the Programme, as well as its targets and budget. Information on fellowship schemes, Joint Reseach Centre, possibility for enterprises and co-operation with the Newly Independent States will also be presented. The second day of the Conference will be devoted to details concerning the thematic priorities and other specific actions under the 6th FP.

The respective topics will be presented by the EC representatives in charge along with the experts from the Member and Associated States. Many of them co-ordinate research projects or networks.

In parallel to the Warsaw Conference a meeting of the Ministers of Science from Central and Eastern European countries invited by the Polish Minister of Science, Mr Michal Kleiber, will take place.

The Conference will be the forum for summarising the 5th Framework Programme, including the presentation of the best Polish research institutions and working groups awarded the "Cristal Brussel" prizes and the exhibition promoting successful 5thFP projects as well.

The Conference will be held in English.

1. Background and objectives
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