Conference on:

Integrated Water Management
Cyprus, 11-13 May, 2001

First Announcement

The Agricultural Research Institute (A.R.I.), Nicosia, Cyprus, has been recently selected by the European Union as a "Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Environment". Within the framework of this project the EU is supporting the establishment of a network aimed at promoting the effective and sustainable management of the scarce water resources in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

To promote the network, a consultation meeting of related scientists from the EU-Mediterranean countries, other EU countries and pre-accession states will take place in Cyprus between 11-13 May, 2001. During the first two days of the meeting the following main aspects on water resources will be discussed:

Introduction to the topics will be covered by invited participants. The presentation will be limited between 20 and 30 minutes, followed by discussion for 30 to 45 minutes.

During the meeting guidelines will be provided for the collection of data and formation of a Data Bank. Contact persons from each participating country will be appointed with a main task to provide the relevant information from their countries.

The third day will be devoted to visit governmental water works supplying water either for irrigation and/or domestic purposes and nearby interesting archaeological sites.

The international travel, hotel accommodation (full board) and travelling within Cyprus will be covered by the Agricultural Research Institute. The available funds could cover the expenses of 30-35 participants.

For participation please complete and return the attached form before February 28, 2001.

More details on the conference and indicative tables to help participants to prepare the required material and/or data from their countries will be send to interested participants in March, 2001.

Conference on:

Integrated Water Management

11-13 May, 2001 A.R.I. Cyprus

Registration form

To fill in block letters and return before February 28th 2001

  To: Agricultural Research Institute
   Ministry of Agriculture,
   Natural Resources and Environment
   1516 Nicosia,
   P.O.Box 22016, Cyprus
   Tel.: 357 2 403100
   Fax: 357 2 316770

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Topics to be discussed

Water resources (Surface water, ground water, treated wastewater, desalinated water;

Cost of each source; Price at which each source is provided to the users).

Government policy (Taxation, Subsidies, Pricing, Control).

Legal system pertaining to water use/supply.

Cultural and social attitudes.

Evaluation of the sustainable water extraction rates and assessment of deficits in relation to current and projected demand.

Water intensive uses including their viability and their impact on the economy.

Water supplies infrastructure.

Water application technologies.

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