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Krajowy Punkt Kontaktowy - National Contact Point, Poland
IDEA: The Electronic Directory of the European Institutions - search for persons, institutions, 
FP5 Home
FP5 - Expression of Interest: Find a Partner
FAQ on the association of new countries with the 5FP
CORDIS Focus - bi-weekly on EU Research & Innovation programmes
Access to Commission periodicals carrying useful information on FP5

Costs & Contracts

FP5 Management Site - Financial and Legal Issues
IST: Contract Preparation Materials
Contract Preparation: Additional FP5 Administrative Info - Cost systems: FC, FF or AC?


IST Home
IST Quick reference guide
IST - Expression of Interest: Find a Partner
IST - PowerPoint Presentations

European Commission

How can I contact the Commission ? (address book)
Official Journal of the European Communities
The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Helpdesk   FREE
E-mail to the IPR legal team
RTD INFO - quarterly of the EC Research DG

Information Society Directoriate-General

Information Society DG Home
Structure of the IS DG (Important people) - PDF, in French
Contact to the IST Infodesk
How to participate in programmes of the Information Society

Research Directoriate-General

News, publications, press releases, conferences
Press releases


KBN Home
Aktualności o 5. Programie Ramowym UE - Komitet Badań Naukowych
Lista polskich delegatów do Komitetów Programowych 5. PR - Komitet Badań Naukowych

Euro PAP - serwis prasowy PAP dotyczący Europy
Polski Serwer Prawa

Adobe Acrobat Free Reader
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