Struktura 5 Programu Ramowego

Przegląd kierunków działań (action lines):

(Konkurencyjny i zrównoważony wzrost)

1.1.3.-1. Key action: Innovative products, processes and organisation

(Akcja kluczowa: Innowacyjne produkty, procesy i organizacja)

1.1.3.-1.1. Efficient production, including design, manufacturing & control

1.1.3.-1.1.1. Integrated “product-service” design

1.1.3.-1.1.2. Advanced production and construction technologies

1.1.3.-1.1.3. Safe and reliable extended life of products and industrial systems

1.1.3.-1.2. Intelligent production

1.1.3.-1.2.1. Design of products and production-service systems

1.1.3.-1.2.2. Intelligent manufacturing and processing

1.1.3.-1.2.3. Monitoring and optimal use of industrial systems

1.1.3.-1.3. Eco-efficient processes and design

1.1.3.-1.3.1. Eco-efficient design of products and processes

1.1.3.-1.3.2. Cleaner processes, products and eco-efficient technologies

1.1.3.-1.3.3. Product recovery and waste recycling

1.1.3.-1.4. Organisation of production and work

1.1.3.-1.4.1. New methods of organisation, work and human capital improvement

1.1.3.-1.4.2. Adaptation of enterprises and human oriented production

1.1.3.-1.4.3. Knowledge, learning and management of change

1.1.3.-2. Key action: Sustainable mobility and intermodality

(Akcja kluczowa: Zrównoważona mobilność i wymienność)

1.1.3.-2.1. Socio-economic & technical scenarios for mobility of people and goods

1.1.3.-2.1.1. Quantitative tools for decision-making

1.1.3.-2.1.2. Driving forces in transport

1.1.3.-2.1.3. Policies for Sustainable Mobility

1.1.3.-2.2. Research for infrastructures and their interfaces with transport means and systems

1.1.3.-2.2.1. Transport infrastructure and means

1.1.3.-2.2.2. Environment-friendly transport

1.1.3.-2.2.3. Safety and security in transport

1.1.3.-2.2.4. Human factors in transport

1.1.3.-2.3. Modal and intermodal transport management systems

1.1.3.-2.3.1. Traffic management systems

1.1.3.-2.3.2. Transport and mobility services

1.1.3.-2.3.3. Second Generation Satellite Navigation and Positioning Systems

1.1.3.-3. Key action: Land transport and marine technologies

(Akcja kluczowa: Transport lądowy i technologie morskie)

1.1.3.-3.1. Acquisition of critical technologies for land transport

1.1.3.-3.1.1. Efficient, clean, and intelligent land transport vehicle technologies

1.1.3.-3.1.2. Innovative and safe land transport vehicle concepts

1.1.3.-3.1.3. Human/vehicle interaction

1.1.3.-3.2. Acquisition of critical marine technologies

1.1.3.-3.2.1. Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly ships and vessels

1.1.3.-3.2.2. Maximising interoperability and vessel performances

1.1.3.-3.2.3. Monitoring, exploration and sustainable exploitation of the sea

1.1.3.-4. Key action: New perspective in aeronautics

(Akcja kluczowa: Nowe perspektywy dla aeronautyki)

1.1.3.-4.1. Reducing Aircraft development cost and time to market

1.1.3.-4.1.1. Advanced design systems and tools

1.1.3.-4.1.2. Manufacturing

1.1.3.-4.2. Improving Aircraft efficiency

1.1.3.-4.2.1. Aerodynamics

1.1.3.-4.2.2. Structures and materials application

1.1.3.-4.2.3. Propulsion

1.1.3.-4.2.4. Systems and equipment

1.1.3.-4.2.5. Configurational and interdisciplinary aspects

1.1.3.-4.3. Improving environmental friendliness of Aircraft

1.1.3.-4.3.1. Low pollutant emissions

1.1.3.-4.3.2. External noise

1.1.3.-4.3.3. Cabin environment

1.1.3.-4.4. Improving operational capacity and safety of aircraft

1.1.3.-4.4.1. Air traffic management (ATM) related air borne systems

1.1.3.-4.4.2. Operational Maintenance

1.1.3.-4.4.3. Accident prevention

1.1.3.-4.4.4. Accident survivability

1.1.3.-5. RTD activities of a generic nature

(Akcje ogólne badań i rozwoju technicznego)

1.1.3.-5.1. Materials and their technologies for production and transformation

1.1.3.-5.1.1. Cross-cutting generic materials technologies

1.1.3.-5.1.2. Advanced functional materials

1.1.3.-5.1.3. Sustainable chemistry

1.1.3.-5.1.4. Expanding the limits and durability of structural materials

1.1.3.-5.1.5. New materials and production technologies in the steel field

1.1.3.-5.2. Measurement and testing

1.1.3.-5.2.1. Instrumentation

1.1.3.-5.2.2. Methodologies for measurements and testing

1.1.3.-5.2.3. Support to the development of certified reference materials (CRMs)

1.1.3.-6. Support for research infrastructures

(Wsparcie dla rozwoju infrastruktury)

1.1.3.-6.1. Support activities to medium and large scale facilities

1.1.3.-6.2. Setting up of virtual institutes

1.1.3.-6.3. Reference databases

1.1.3.-6.4. Measurement and quality management infrastructures

II. Euratom Framework Programme

(Program Ramowy Euratom)

Uwaga: Polscy naukowcy mogą uczestniczyć w programie EURATOM na zasadzie project-by-project przy wsparciu z KBN ze środków SPUB.

2.1. Nuclear Energy

2.1.1. Key action Controlled Nuclear Fusion

2.1.2. Key action Nuclear Fission

2.1.3. RTD activities of a generic nature

2.1.4. Support for research infrastructures

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