Kalendarz dwóch ostatnich konkursów jest podany w tabeli poniżej


Periodic call

Dzień otwarcia

Dzień zamknięcia


15 Grudzień. 2000

15 Marzec 2001 (KA2, KA3, KA4, M&T); 15 Maj 2001 (KA1, Mat.)


1 Czerwiec 2001

17 Wrzesień 2001


Proposals may be sent by one of the following methods:

-      Made with the Proposal Preparation Tool and submitted electronically, the details of which are given in the Guide for Proposers. When packaging a proposal for electronic submission, two files are created. The first is a small validation file, which provides basic information on the proposal and a unique identification code. The European Commission must receive this validation file before the deadline specified in this call. The second file contains the proposal and must be received unmodified, as verifiable from the unique identification code, not later than 48 hours after this deadline.

-      Made with the Proposal Preparation Tool and printed out by the co-ordinator, or prepared on the paper forms distributed with the Guide for Proposers and sent by post, courier[1] or hand delivery to the following address. To be receivable, proposals submitted on paper must be received by the Commission before the applicable deadline for receipts at the following address:


       The GROWTH Programme

       Research Proposals Office

       Square Frère-Orban/Frère-Orbanplein 8

       B – 1040 Brussels


Proposers are requested to use only one of the methods described above by which to submit proposals, and to submit only one version of any given proposal. In the case of an eligible proposal being received in both paper and electronic formats, only the electronic version will be evaluated.


[1]              For courier services that require a telephone number for the recipient, please use (32-2)298 42 06