Subject: RAPIDUS Notification Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 04:20:50 +0100 (WET DST) From: CORDIS-RAPIDUS RAPIDUS brings you the following updates related to your defined search profile Please do not reply to this message and send all your RAPIDUS related questions and comments to the CORDIS HelpDesk ( CORDIS Database: PARTNERS Search name: growth_poland Search description: Wynik przeszukiwania bazy dla parametrow Growth-Poland ------------------------------------------------------------------- European Commission Joint Research Centre-IRMM Record Control Number : 55970 Quality Validation Date : 2001-04-04 Update Date : 2001-04-04 Name : European Commission Joint Research Centre-IRMM Department : Analytical Chemistry Unit Address : Retieseweg City : Geel PostCode : 2440 Country : BELGIUM Type : Research Number of Employees : 50 - 249 Subject Index Codes : Food Subject Details : IRMM is one of the eight institutes of the EC DG Joint Research Centre. Its mission is to provide reference materials, methods and measurements in support to EU policies. Collaboration Title : Validation of methods for the determination of proteins in milk to assess potential adulteration and fraud Type Details : The control of quality of food request the development of reference analytical methods. This applies also to milk products. However dairy products receiving an export refund may contain legal additions such as whey powder or casein/caseinate. These components may also have been added illegally. The EU-subsidised incorporation of milk powder into animal feed requires also an analytical check on the declared value. Present methods have limited accuracy or are not immune to fraud. Then it is necessary to determine these compounds to avoid product evaluation being dependent on the declaration made by the producer. A major problem arises from the natural variation of milk composition, its complex matrix and the insufficient purity of commercial milk proteins. This task can only be achieved through collaboration between specialised laboratories. The project will consist of:- preparation of high purity individual milk protein standards- validation of existing or adapted reversed-phase HPLC and capillary zone electrophoretic methods coupled to various modes of detection for quantification of proteins in natural bovine, ovine, and caprine milks (raw, pasteurised, UHT and powdered milk) .This double methodology should allow the obtaining of complementary information useful for fraud detection. This expertise will also be valuable for the further certification of proteins in milk reference materials that are highly needed. A possible spin off could later be a new method to determine milk protein content in mixed animal feed, to be validated in a follow up project.We consider the present proposal as a continuation of previous projects selected in the framework of the SMT programme (i.e. SMT 4972205 and SMT 4972208) which are now terminated. This proposal has the support of the unit "Milk and dairy products" of the European Commission's DG Agriculture. Programme : GROWTH Partners Aquired : Dr. C. Olieman (NIZO, The Netherlands) Prof. P. Resmini (Univ. Milano, Italy) Dr. M. Ramos (CSIC, Spain) Dr. M. Nicolas (AFSSA, France) Dr. J. Laloux (CRA, Belgium) Validity Date : 2002-04-15 Target Partner Expertise : We are looking for partners expert in the field of separation methods and their applications to milk and dairy products. Country : AUSTRALIA, BULGARIA, CYPRUS, CZECH REPUBLIC, EFTA, EUROPEAN UNION, HUNGARY, POLAND, SLOVENIA, SLOVAKIA Contact Person Name : RODRIGUEZ, Adela (Prof) Position : Head of Unit Network : National Contact Point for Growth Organisation : European Commission Joint Research Centre-IRMM Department : Analytical Chemistry Unit Address : Retieseweg City : Geel Country : BELGIUM PostCode : 2440 Telephone : +32-14-571200 Fax : +32-14-584273 Contact Org. URL : Electronic Mail : Workprogramme area(s)/key action(s) (GROWTH 2000-6.2.2) Measurement and testing anti-fraud methodologies (GROWTH 2000-6.2.3) Measurement and testing methodologies in support of quality (GROWTH 2000-6.3) Support to the development of certified reference materials (CRMs) -------------------------------------------------------------------