• RTD actions have to be selected according to criteria reflecting the overall objectives of the programme. These criteria, to be respected by all research activities, have been designed applying the selection criteria set for FP 5. They are grouped in five categories. Any proposals evaluated below set thresholds (specified in the Guide for proposers) in those categories will not be considered for funding:

    Ensuring Scientific &Technical excellence

    Quality of approach, partnership & management

    Stimulating Community Added Value

    Answering to societal

    Economic development and S&T perspectives

    For RTD activities including accompanying measures, those five categories would normally be given equal weight.


    Scientific & Technological quality and relevance to programme objectives

    Adequacy of the scientific & Technological approach

    Degree of
    innovative character

    Quality of approach for project
    execution and management

    Quality of partnership, including efficient involvement of users

    Appropriateness of financial aspects and RTD related resources

    Contribution to solving problems with a European dimension

    Support to EU policies as well as to standards & reglementations

    European added value of the consortium / Complementarity / transnationality of consortium

    Implication on quality of life, health and safety

    Implication on employment prospects as well as skill use and skill development

    Implication on environment
    & resources

    Strategic impact / contribution to competitiveness / partners and users interest

    Contribution to growth / usefulness and range of applications / exploitation plans

    Contribution to technological progress / dissemination strategies


    These criteria should also be respected during the execution of the research activities in order to achieve overall excellence and consistency. They will be used to assess activities and help quantify impacts, providing information that will enable a timely and appropriate programme management response. The evaluation of the potential impact of new knowledge, technologies, products, processes or materials resulting from RTD actions will be a permanent activity of this programme, ensuring in this way an effective implementation of the Council decision.